Saturday, May 16, 2009

Month 1

Cant's believe E's been here for a month already. The time flies by and she is changing so much every day. She's gone completely bald and currently has thrush, but I'm loving all the noises she is starting to make and that she is starting to really look at things. In the picture on the right she looks like maybe she has some sort of weird smile, but really she was about to SCREAM!

Jackson had an art show this week at school. It is the 2nd year that school has let the kids make art work and then they get to sell it for profit that goes to the art department. The kids love to show off their art and have people compliment it. Both years Jackson has done some sort of 'sculpture' out of clay and a drawing or picture. This year's sculpture was a variety of monsters and aliens based off of the movie. He also got an award for having his artwork on display at Forest Park (see earlier post), but of course teh camera died before that! I'm so glad that Jackson has something fun and creative that he loves. He wants to do everything his daddy does, but currently doesn't have the patience to practice an instrument, so he has this other cool artsy thing to be involved in. Way to go Little Man!

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