Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Christmas time is here.."

Imagine the title being sung by sweet little Peanuts characters!!!!

So, Christmas is coming. The countdown is on. I have about half of the shopping done, plans to make, and Christmas cards to get sent out. All in the next 25 days. Oh yeah, and still be a teacher, mom, wife!!!

Enter, Shutterfly. They are holding an AWESOME promotion that will take care of one of these problems for me. They are giving away 50 Free Holiday Greeting Cards to anyone who writes a post about it! YAY!

I have been using Shutterfly for a few years and I love them! I discovered Shutterfly a few years ago after someone sent me some super cute Holiday cards. I later used Shutterfly to create our wedding album and I love the way it turned out. Every year since we've been married I've used Shutterfly to make our Christmas cards too! When Elliette was born her announcements were creayed by Shutterfly and so were her super cute 1st birthday cards. Every year I make a scrapbook of our year as a family,and made one for Elliette's 1st year as well! This year I am going to work on a calendar to give to Grandma's as gifts.

I love Shutterfly's Christmas cards because they have so many awesome choices, and it seriously relieves me of the stress of going to the store, finding the right cards, getting them ordered, picking them up, etc etc I get to add cute pictures of my kids! I can do it all from the comfort of my home, in my PJs. Anything I can do in my PJs makes me SUPER happy!

This year they even have Holiday photo cards to support some really great causes too. I haven't decided what this year's card will be but these one are in the running... 'hip and happy', 'have a holly jolly Christmas', and 'simply joy'

So this is one LESS thing that I have to worry about, which I think is pretty awesome. You really should check it out!

So get to writing, and enjoy your own 50 cards!

Go. Do it. Now. And cross one thing off your crazy holiday list!

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Mark and Emma said...

Man, I wish I had caught up on reading your blog before Christmas!