Saturday, March 12, 2011

Parade Time!

I LOVE ST. PATRICK'S DAY! On top of that I love St. Patrick's Day in St. Louis. We do it big folks. In fact, if I ever moved away I would do my best to come back here for it. In my remembrance I have only missed the St. Louis St. Patrick's day parade twice (not counting the years I lived and Colorado), and Jackson has only missed it once. I love it! This year was no different, and mom and I grabbed the kids and headed downtown. The weather was beautiful and the crowd was HUGE! Elliette was a little freaked out at first, but got into it as the parade continued.

She was not in the mood for my traditional 'stand in the middle of Broadway' picture. :(

The beloved plastic horn was worth the $7 I paid to give his hands and mouth something to do during the parade. Here it is being used to amplify sound and finally met its match later this morning when taken apart and used as drumsticks on the city sidewalks after the parade.

By far Elliette's favorite part was the "hesee's" (horsies) that kept coming. She is in love with horses and asks to drive past the downtown brewery to see them on the side of the building every time we get in the car. This made her day!

Could she be any happier? Or cuter?

Pretending to be an elephant

This is my favorite part of the parade every year!

He told me he was the St. Patrick's unicorn!?

I love 9 year old boys!

Didn't even make it back to the car!

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