Saturday, February 11, 2012

Think Math

Friday we had a half day at school, ad I had a chance to do some math stuff that there wouldn't normally be time for. Yes, I may have gotten the idea for this from Pinterest, but it actually went really well with the "think like a mathematician" idea we have been using at school to get our kids to think more critically.
I broke the kids into groups of 3, and they each had to work on the same question. The first question yet could use any operation they wanted, but for the last two questions I narrowed the parameters and they had to use multiplication or division (and even some fractions) to write their questions. It was very interesting looking around the classroom and seeing them write and rewrite their questions because they found it much more difficult to write word problems with multiplication /division as the operation. Ultimately they were successful and we are going to do this again, but I already know that I am going to make at least one problem with a fraction as an answer and see what they come up with.

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