Tuesday, May 6, 2008

hmm...what to write

So, I've been thinking about this blog thing and about what it means and what I could do with it, and I have decided that I think I will use it for random musings about my life. You know, that random junk that floats around in your brain that you don't really say but you kinda wish people knew? Like, why do people jam the copier and then leave it for me to deal with. I mean, I get a 20 minute break for lunch and in that time I have to use the bathroom, eat something, talk with someone about something, deal with some sort of student issue and make copies. So, when I walk back to the copier and find that it has jammed and that someone has walked away from it, that kinda throws off my whole rhythm. Or how about this, why is that as soon as I start to get financially together, the economy goes to crap? Or how come I hate talking in front of adults, but have absolutely no issue corralling an entire room of 5th graders? These are just some of my ramblings, there will be more to come. enjoy!

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