Monday, May 12, 2008

making a bowl

So, my creative and energetic son has developed a fondness for art since starting kindergarten. This shouldn't surprise me except that this is the child who refused to even pick up a crayon or marker and draw mommy a picture during pre-school. But now Jackson has developed a love for art, he has a great personality when he draws and he is exploring new mediums all the time. He recently decided that he wanted to start sculpting and I had no real idea how to help reach that goal. What we figured out was really he wanted to be able to use the potters wheel and spin stuff around, but unfortunately most pllaces won't let a 6 year old come 'spin stuff' all day. My mom found a place in O'Fallon where Jack could go and create his own art, so we set off on a road trip. Jackson had had a pretty rough day at school and was definately in a weird mood so I really wasn't looking forward to it. When we got inside the building all I could imagine were these racks and racks of ceramics crashing to the ground, while my son looked at me and said. "but I didn't mean to", but it was better than I expected. Jackson actually got the chance to make his own piece of 'art'. He used the potters wheel to make an ice cream bowl that he later painted a glorious shade of teal. He also got the chance to create a sculpture which looked a bit like a monkey and a monster. Jackson named it 'Uncle Monkey' although he changed the name several times later as well. All in all he did end up having a really great time, and I was really excited to get the opportunity to share the experience with him. I'm so proud of his creativity and his energy and I just hope that he continues to be happy with himself and doesn't ever get scared do be an individual...

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