Friday, July 11, 2008

Have money, will spend

So, Jackson's been on this kick lately of wanting to do laundry!?!?!?!?!? Its odd, but believe me I welcome his offer to help with it. Well today he took a whole load of laundry out of the washer and put it into the dryer for me and in the process he found some money. Well, since I was proud of his willingness to help out I told him he could keep what he found. To make a long story a little shorter we went to dinner tonight and their happened to be an arcade across the street. Now, I'm not a fan of arcades because I've never been all that good at arcade games, and I end up spending more money than necessary to buy Jackson little pieces of junk that he looses in a day. Well, we ended up there anyway (we were celebrating the last day of summer school BTW!) and Jackson had such a good time with it, he played for forever just trying to find the games that would give him the most tickets. He and Josh goofed around forever playing silly arcade games and racing each other on motorcycles until we finally made him leave. We left the arcade the proud owners of a new hacky-sac, a pair of vampire fangs, a yellow plastic parachute man and 3 green army men. My bet is that the army men and parachute man are gone before lunch tomorrow and the vampire teeth have vanished by Sunday at the latest. Oh well, at least he enjoyed himself and got to celebrate the last day of summer school. Oh yeah, he would like everyone to know that his team, the Green Team were the proud winners of field day. Racing motorcycles...

Jackson's Self Portrait

Joshua being obstinate and refusing to smile!!!!!!


The Malones said...

Sounds like a fun time!!

Emmaloves said...

Man, he made out with LOOT!!