Monday, August 25, 2008

One of those days...

So, its just been one of those days. The battery on the car died as we were trying to leave work today. Josh's dad came and gave us a jump and I hoped that was it. I needed to go grocery shopping and Josh wanted to go get the battery tested to see if the actual battery was the problem or if it was the connector things (I'm sure there is a more technical word for it), so he dropped Jackson and I off to hopefully kill 2 birds with one stone. As I was getting out of the car however I remembered that I didn't have my debit card. So Josh ran home, got the card adn headed to Auto Zone while Jackson and I decided to take our time at the store. My husband however showed up at the grocery store rather quickly to say that the only two people working at thh auto zone were 2 women who had no idea how to check our battery or take it out (it has this weird mount thing on it. ) So here's hoping we make it to work tomorrow. We were planning on spaghetti for dinner tonight, nothing complicated, so Josh started some water to boil and started cleaning up some things while I did a load of dishes. After a long while I noticed that the water wasn't boiling and then found that my husband had left the water on low by accident. As the night wore on, Josh and I convinced Jackson to clean his room up, which was quite the frightful sight. Following in my procrastinating foot steps he decided to 'organize' more than 'clean'. He reorganized the corner in front of his closet into a "reading corner" (no idea how we are supposed to get in that closet now), complete with a stack of books, 2 chairs, space for a snack and a blanket in case he gets cold. He turned the little table that he has in his room into some sort of "private" fort area, while another blanket draped over it and a stash of toys underneath. The best part though was when he came into the kitchen to explain his re-organization...he looked at me and said "you know mom, I think its good for me to have a quiet area. You know, a spot for me to kick back, hang out, chill, relax, you know, just have a good time" I laughed on the inside but kept my supportive mommy face on the outside. I just love that kid!

Sorry, the camera is at work, but I'll take some pictures of his newly organized space.

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Mark and Emma said...

He is so funny! I can just see him saying all that in such a serious voice :)