Thursday, August 28, 2008

That's what she said...

So, I'm posting one of those great stories of my classroom others have posted, although this one isn't 100% funny...
We were playing charades today to review for our vocab test and 2 students were acting out the word composure. One student pretended to hit another student and that student remained calm and in control, this demonstrating the word. Well, about 10 seconds after it happened from the back of the class one of my kids yelled out..."man, you just got pimp slapped".
Needless to say it took 5th grade a while to recover

But a funnier one from last week...we were walking through the bus line one afternoon and a student announces..."some day I'm gonna be in a band and I'm gonna have more ladies, than Jay-Z has mercedes" Knowing the student he's probably right too!

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