Saturday, November 8, 2008


This weekend was a grading extravaganzaa for me. Every trimester when report cards roll around I promise to get better about not letting things pile up, and every trimester it happens again. Anyway, I stumbled upon some test answers today that made my family laugh hilariously and may do the same for yours. Remember please that teachers try their very best to reach every student, however we are not genie's. Sometimes we just have to take a private moment and laugh...

Question: Your scientific name is made by combining the names from which classification groups?
Real Student Answer: My cat's name is Rock. He is a mammal that lives in my house with his girl cat and their two kittens.

Question: What is the only mammal that flies?
Answer: Flamingo
Answer: a dino
Answer: Ostrich (this one is doubly funny because in the previous question, the student correctly answered that the penguin and ostrich are different from other birds because they can't fly)

Question: Penguins and ostriches are they only birds that don't do what?
Answer: Fly with their wings (I found this funny, because I really wanted to know what else they might be capable of flying with!)

Question: What is the difference betwen venomous and poisonous?
Answer: Venomous might kill you; poisonous will give you a hole

Question: Why do you think scientists needed to classify living organisms?
Answer: To help the dumb people
Answer: So the animals wouldn't be confused
Answer: So they could tell the difference between a lion and a frog (true, but comical)
Answer: To help the animals out
Answer: To help the world

Question: What does "classification" mean?
Answer: To put out



Mark and Emma said...

Haha, I'm still laughing :D

Nicoolmama said...

What a riot!

Nicoolmama said...

Hey Kym,
Checking in to see how your pregnancy is going...I need an update.