Monday, December 1, 2008

Not me Monday...

Ok I am following Nicole's adventure into "not me Mondays" here goes...

This week -
*I didn't secretly gloat that I knew I was having a girl all along, even though my husband kept saying I was wrong.
*I didn't secretly rejoice today that a problematic student was again absent from school.
*I didn't send Jackson to bed with spaghetti all over his pajamas last night because I was to tired to notice.
*I didn't guilt my husband into getting up to go to my parents house 2 extra hours early on Thanksgiving for no real reason.
*I wasn't more unfocused last Tuesday than my 5th graders because I was just as excited as they were for the the 5 day break.
*I didn't secretely wish we would have a snow day this early in the year.
*I wasn't so focused on the somersaults inside my belly and my lack of sleep that I completely skipped teaching a subject area today and tried to drop my kids off at lunch an hour early!!!

- no not, me!

So, what did you NOT do this week?

1 comment:

Nicoolmama said...

Yay!!! This becomes so addicting...beware.
Glad to hear about all the baby girl flopping going on in your belly...