Monday, December 22, 2008

Playing catch up...

Ok, so here's to playing catch up from the past few days/weeks.

About 2 weeks ago, Jackson had his winter concert at school. The kids did a great job, although I could seriously live without the cheesy smile!

This weekend we took Jackson to his first Blues game. This seems like an off thing to me, since Josh and I spent so much of our childhood and formative years bonding over hockey, and yet our son has never been to a game. Oh well, the only thing he wanted all night long was a foam finger, so dad gave in and bought him one before the first period was over! The Blues won and Jackson had a great time!

Last night was the kids Christmas play at church. Jackson got to be Joseph and he took his job SO seriously. All weekend long he kept reminding me that his play was Sunday night and worrying about whether or not he would miss it or mess up. He did fantastic and was super cute in the process. Way to go Jackson!

Well, I'm off to finish preparing for the madness that is Christmas in our family. We have dropped a celebration with one group of family members this year which means we are down to only 5 Christmas celebrations in a 36 hour period!!!!

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