Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life without training wheels!

So, I know most kids learn to ride a bike without training wheels around the age of 5, but for Jackson it didn't happen till just now. So far in his life he has never really cared that much to ride a bike without training wheels and we always lived on a hill which made it harder to learn. Last summer he started feeling a bit embarassed that he didn't know how to ride so we thought maybe it was time to actually learn. We went out and bought him a cool new bike without training wheels and set off to learn. NOPE!! Jackson had absolutely no confidence in himself and therefore wouldn't try. We attempted it 3 or 4 times and then he refused to get back on the bike and it sat the rest of the summer in the garage while he traveled by scooter. This past weekend he and my mom were talking about it and decided to give it another try. Mom said she held his bike and walked behind him for about 30 seconds and he took off by himself and that was that. Last night we decided to take a walk up to the school be our house and get in some practice time and here are the results...

Notice the feet off the pedals 'trick'

if you look past Josh you'll see Jackson is showing off back there...

I'm so proud of little man. Now, if there just made some sort of baby carrier for babies Elliette's size we could take off as a family.

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