Monday, June 15, 2009

Special day

Jackson is going to be gone with my parents in Tennessee next week and none of us realized that they would be gone over Father's Day until after the trip was booked. So, I figured that it doesn't really matter which date you celebrate Father's Day on, as long as you celebrate, right? So, Jackson took his daddy out to 'brunch' and got him a few presents he was looking forward to. Here is Daddy and his kids...

The second half of the day was special for us because we had Elliette's baby dedication at church Sunday afternoon. Josh and I are very close to our pastor and most of the members of our church plant, so it was special to be able to have her dedicated there and with those people around us.

To wrap it up here are some pictures of little girl. She is finally starting to smile enough that we can get it on camera, and she doesn't stare at the camera like it's an unknown object quite as much anymore.

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