Wednesday, August 26, 2009

been a while

So, it's been a while since my last blog, sorry! My camera died on the first day of school and I have been mourning it's loss... I borrowed a camera from my mom though and even though I don't like it as much I will have to start using it, I'm missing so much! School is going pretty well, I have a good group of kids this year. My patience is low with my kids though, because I'm exhausted all the time with work and home stuff and the baby still getting up once at night. Jackson is really liking his teacher, which is nice and he is starting to adjust to real, EVERYnight homework (oh my!). Elliette is doing well with daycare. I love being able to just hope down to the other building and check on her during the day. The first week there she didn't sleep, but has adjusted enough that she is taking 2 2-hour naps which his good. She's rolling around all the time adn on her belly can spin around in circles. She thinks her brother is HILARIOUS and loves any chance she gets to jump and bounce. We are working on big girl foods, and so far peas, avocados and carrots are her favorites. She doesn't care to eat food in the morning and we have yet to find a fruit that she actually likes except watermelon! She's been teething for what feels like forever, but still no tooth!! Oh well, gotta go, but here is a picture of her in Jackson's first Bridge Of Hope shirt.

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