Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in review...

Objective : to provide a pictoral view of our year, as well as my favorite facebook status' (statui?) from each month. Enjoy (spoiler alert...some months I couldn't decide on just 1)!

January: "is loving the snow and thinks she may have an octopus growing inside her!"

February: "...this is my family...its little and broken, but it's still good"

March: "has found the only good thing about bedrest...sleeping in!"

April: "just heard her 7 year old say "he who controls the wii remote, controls the world" AND "Elliette Grace is here!!!"

May: "is doing better. enjoyed snuggling with both kiddos this morning. :)"

June: "watching a little girl sleep in her brothers great big bean bag chair"

July: "isn't going to teach Elliette to talk...Jackson talks enough for both of them!" AND "Jackson just asked me if the ice cream truck took check or debit funny!"

August: "is wondering if it is to early in the year for Christmas movies??"

September: "it never ceases to amaze me how much I can ADORE my kids"

October: "My laptop is committing suicide...dang hp"

November: "Wonders if her job would have any objection to her tattooing the word LOVE across her arm..." AND "the best way to end a day of conferences...a koosh ball fight!"

December: "My 8 year old just asked for a Facebook page for Christmas...seriously?"

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