Monday, January 25, 2010


Yeah, sorry for not blogging. Not sure if anyone but me reads this, but sometimes I'm the only one who I need to tell things to anyways! Haven't blogged in forever due to ...technical diffiulties. First the touch pad and keyboard went out on my HP (which has all of the pictures and stuff on it). So, then I fnally gave in and started to move everything over to Josh's mac, but with the holidays and all, that never got done either. Then last week someone broke into our house. Yep, it sucked. They got everyTHING. TV, both laptops, camcorder, Wii, guitar hero, Jackson's ds, and an ipod. So, now I don't so much have a computer to blog on that much. I'll be taking the school on home some though so that will help. We have been doing our best to focus on the fact that is was only 'things' that got taken. Everyone was fine, no one was home. We still have food to eat and beds to sleep in. Its amazing too that we have actually spent more time as a family since it happened. No TV (and it had a built in dvd player), or internet to dsitract us as much, and if everyone wants to watch tv we have to do it together (we had an old one in the basement). Josh did have some major issues at first with not being able to continue his ongoing review of all things LOST before the new season starts next week, but we are working on some strategies for that!

Since I'm a work I don't have any new pictures to close this with, but a friend did today give me the disc of pictures taken by work friends of the day Elliette was born. Enjoy the re-wind!
Sorry for that Walsh, couldn't resist!


Angela said...

Kymie, I love the new-old pictures of tiny Elliette!

but wow, I am so sorry that your things were stolen! oh my goodness. do you know if you'll be able to recover anything?

I'm glad you are all safe!!

btw, I'm still reading your blog :-)

Mark and Emma said...

On no! I know they are just "things" but even we who know that still get attached to our "things". That is really unsettling that that happened. Do the popo's have any leads? Did insurance cover everything?