Saturday, June 7, 2008


So we made it to June! That means Jackson and I are both done with school, yeah! I'm going back to teach summer school in a few weeks, but at this moment in time we are just going to think about being done for now. I haven't posted in a while because my camera was being geeky. I think it is fixed now though, yeah! Here are some pics from the last day of school...

First day of kindergarten....Last day of kindergarten!

Part of the fun of kindergarten is going on to 1st grade, so here is a picture of Jackson getting his Kindergarten diploma. Sorry it's blurry...



Lady Insomnia said...

Kym, your little first-grader is so handsome :-) I bet you're both happy to have some time off from school!

your tornado "party" sounds fun, but I'm sure glad you're all alright. there's been so much wacky weather this year!


p.s. I think you have the wrong link for Dana's site on your sidebar

Kym Schilling said...

yeah, I realized I had the wrong link, I just haven't had a chance to fix it! We are good, and I can't believe that my little man is getting ready to start 1st grade!