Wednesday, June 18, 2008


...there's not really much new going on right now. Jackson and I started summer school today, and it is always exhausting the first day back. Due to the flood and various construction projects at work our day was constantly changing ("Plans have changed, Barbie!"), so I was constantly on my toes. Jackson enjoyed it and is looking forward to the hands-on-science class with Ms. Mac tomorrow as well.
On a personal note, I've been dealing with some humbling issues lately. As some of you know we are part of a church plant here in St. Louis. We are loving it, but it is definately different being on this side of it. I've always been part of well established churches, and I have always taken part in outreach projects to other churches and organizations. I have alays been part of the groups that went and helped and now it is the other way around. This week there is a youth group from Oklahoma here to work with us, and I must say that it has been weird accepting their help. It is odd to be on the receiving end of the mission. It has been humbling to see others come in and do work, when this church has been such a labor of love for us. We will be doing Vacation Bible School for the next 3 evenings and I am SO excited to see the people that we have been able to connect with in our community; to see the people we have humbly reached out to after accepting the help of others.

So, that's whats on my heart this week. I don't really have any pictures to go along with it, so I will just post a few old ones for fun...

On the train on the way to Chicago, eating salami and watching a movie

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