Thursday, July 9, 2009

Call it a good one

Let's see...

* Caught a 30 minute nap this morning
* Celebrated the last day of summer school and the green team's win at field day with snow cones
* Went to the library and got to read to my little man for the first time in a while
* Got to hear little man read to me - always fun
* Fed baby girl carrots and sweet potatoes without getting them all over myself
* Little man got to play outside with friends riding bikes and scooters and jumping on the tramp until dusk
* Told the boy child he could have breakfast with his friend next door tomorrow...became the worlds best mommy and got a dozen kisses
* Got both babes bathed and dressed in jammies. Sent one to bed with a book and the other with her arm around her ducky
* Got 1 load of laundry put away and another is drying
* Gonna take a shower and go to bed

...I'd call it a good one

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