Monday, July 20, 2009

camp and city garden

Jackson spent the week down in Fredericktown at Campmeeting with my mom. He had a blast! Elliette and I went down for the last 3 days and she loved it too! The weather was unusually cool and so she got to spend tons of time outside which she doesn't usually get to do in the typical 90 degree weather. Neither myself or my mom took any pictures except these for posterity before we left...

E got a tat like mommy's

We finally made it out to City Garden today and LOVED IT! Elliette went on her first real picnic and had a blast. Unfortunately I thought my camera was charged and it wasn't so it died after about 3 or 4 pictures and before we looked at the garden stuff at all. We had a blast anyway and I told Josh we have to go back next week on his day off so I can actually get some pictures!

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Mark and Emma said...

First off, Jackson is cracking me up in that first picture. He looks like I do in the mornings ( I HATE mornings!)

Second, that picture of Elliette in front of the clouds in awesome!

We should get out to the city garden together sometime soon. I hear it's amazing.

And finally, I really, really, REALLY love Pinecrest and miss it so much! Glad you got to go!