Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sleep, sleep, sleep

I went to bed early last night (J had movie night at Gram's), and even managed to find time for a decent nap today. I feel a little less like I'm on the brink of a disaster, but still not quite all put together. I was actually kind of glad it was wet and gloomy this morning, because I didn't feel so bad about snuggling under the covers! I am hopeful that I can spend the extra time I will be up tonight (thanks to the nap), to finish my plans for next week, since I wasn't able to get them finished this week due to everything else, and feel a little more on op of things. My fantastic husband though, made sure the house was clean and dishes were done when I got home at 8:30 Thursday, so it was one less thing to do this weekend, and one thing that will be easier to deal with this week.

My big 4th grader on the first day of school! It absolutely floors me that he is that old already!

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