Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rock Stars

Finally time to post a few pics of my room! Tons of time and effort went into my new room this year. Some things are still not exactly the way I wanted them, but we managed to have a successful first week!

Some of our power words

This year's theme "Rock Stars"

my little corner of the world

My mom made this 'find it' jar for my class

Our quote board - I re did the quote after this picture to make it not so small. I'm very proud of the border, I made it myself from scrapbook pages.

Our community area - my kids have started calling the foam mats "the squishies" (notice my crates from this post)

"Books that ROCK" - sort of a 'book recommendation' type of thing. Currently all of the 5th grade teachers have a named a 'book that rocks' and it is on the front of the cabinet (we call them "big ugly's" in our school). Throughout the year kids can grab a colored shape and add a book that they think rocks!

Our "just right" books posters.


Missing picture: I didn't post a picture of this project because it has my kids' names on it, but I will post a blank one as an idea soon...

Our check in board - it's really a nifty idea. Each kid gets a card with their name on one side and their picture on the other. When they come in in the morning they flip their card from the name side to the face side, this way I know they are here. If they want a school lunch they grab one of the little tags at the bottom and put it with their picture. This way, when I do attendance and lunch count I don't have to interrupt anything, I can just look over and take a quick count. It also works great when we have guest teachers because they can put a name to a face for my kids.

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