Thursday, June 16, 2011

one of those people

So, last year my MIL got us a bike trailer to attach to Josh's bike and go riding with a toddler. Now, I say this like there was some real motivation to go out and ride before she bought the trailer, and the lack of a bike trailer was the one thing holding us back, but that would be wrong. It was one of those, "yeah we should do that" type of things that was easily excused because what were we going to do with E?

Anyway, it's been sitting in the box in the garage since she bought it, collecting dust with most of the other things you store in a garage. So, I told Josh a few weeks ago that I would like to get it out and put it together to go riding on the trail that runs a few blocks form our house, but he kind of shot me down. So, Tuesday I decided to take a walk with the kids and clear some fog from my mind. When we got back I had quite the industrious feeling and decided that whether he was interested or not I was putting it together! Josh came home early from work and I magically convinced him to pull out all the bikes, air up all the tires, check the brakes and go for a ride as a family. Tuesday night we did about 1.2 miles, Wednesday morning Jackson and I did 1.2 miles before Josh got home, and then 1.8 as a family. Last night we did about 4 and Jackson, Elliette and I just got back from another 4 mile ride this afternoon.

Now, I have never been an "exercise makes me feel good, let's do it some more" type of person, however I will say that I enjoy going to bed with a good tired. A "my muscles hurt from exercising something other than my mouth and typing fingers" kind of tired, and I have begun noticing that when we take night rides, my body comes home tired, but there is a certain energizing feeling that makes it hard to sleep. Now, while I am still not one of those "yeah exercise" kinds of people (believe me my legs are ready to see our house at the end of each ride), I will concede to enjoying the benefits of a ride well done! Let's hoping we can keep it up when the typical STL summer temps roll around soon..

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