Saturday, July 23, 2011

I blame it on Pinterest...

Have you heard of Pinterest? I'm sure you have, but if you haven't you should check them out. It is an awesome way to waste time while organizing a million really cool things. I have been using it all summer to put together some ideas for my classroom and I finally made one happen. I had actually seen these storage seats in a book I bought while still in college, but never had the room for them. I saw them again on pinterest this summer and since I have the space in my big new classroom this year I decided to make them. They don't at all match my "Rock Star' theme for this year, but I couldn't find cool rockstar themed fabric and loved this pattern. Viola! I place to store all of my extra whatever and have a fun place to sit. I made 4 but the other crates are all at school. Enjoy finding you own cool ideas!

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