Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sucking spit and flipping babies...

Fun title, huh?
Jackson had a dentist appointment on Friday for a regular cleaning and to get a cavity filled. It was his first filling, and he handled it like a medicine needed. By far though, his favorite part of the whole experience was that they let him be in charge of the thing that sucks up your spit. He thought it was the coolest thing in the world!!

Today Jackson had a 'sibling' class at the hospital where we are having the baby. Like I thought, it was mostly kids younger than him, but he's been a little nervous/anxious so we went ahead and did it. He had a lot of fun and made me 'quiz' him the whole way home about everything he learned. Although, he was a bit shocked/embarrassed when they showed pictures of a baby breastfeeding and I told him that was what I meant by mommy feeding the baby...he actually blushed!

So, they had each 'big' sibling practice holding the baby and then wrapping it back up. Jackson of course insisted he didn't want my help to wrap the doll up. This first picture shows the super gentle job he started doing...

He wasn't really sure what to do next, and even though its blurry, I want you to notice that his next action was to start flipping the baby over on the table to wrap her up. Each time the little doll's plastic head was thumping against the table. Guess thats one to work on!

His finished product...

The 'super big brother' picture the hospital took of him (mom helped with the re-wrap!)

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