Monday, July 25, 2011

All the Poor and Powerless

Welcome to Monday Morning Music!

So, I'm currently a bit obsessed with this song. My husband played it for the first time for me on Friday and I sat in awe (the EP version is a little different than this version, with a great bass drum/hand clap thing happening). Not just of this song, actually of several from the album, but I picked this one for you today. I had a whole long explanation of why I picked this song types up for you, but instead I'm just going to leave you with the simplicity of the song...

All Sons and Daughters, "All the Poor and Powerless"

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Nicoolmama said...

Oh, if I had a magical video of us back in the day in Mexico, I WOULD POST IT!!

I miss you old friend! I love that you are blogging more-lets me keep up with you!!!