Monday, July 4, 2011

Family Camp

Every year Jackson and my mom go to Pinecrest for family camp. Usually, E and I go down on Friday, but this year I had a conference for work so E went down on Wednesday and I joined them on Friday (we even got Josh to join us!). The kids had a blast...(disclaimer - there are more pics of E because Jackson spends most of camp off on his bike in the woods somewhere so you can never take his picture!)

Frog hunting...I think they caught 8 or so of these TINY frogs (no kidding they are only about the size of a fingernail)

She was obsessed with the frogs, but when you asked her if she wanted to hold them she would promptly reply. "No, I too little"

She told my mom she was being a turtle....???

Swimming in the lake

She would steal licorice from the bag my mom had and then run under the bottom bunk so you couldn't reach her and eat BAD!

Jackson singing with the Saturday night choir. Notice the "I'm all that" pose in the first one, and how in the 2nd one he has mysteriously lost his shoes!!!!!

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